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Business card | how to make a best business card using Photoshop

Today What I say in this artcle, how to make a best business card using photoshop and give simple business card design ideas. Each step is explained in a way that even beginners can understand. A business card is something that is used to reveal the identity of a person or a company. Then it should be the simplest and most beautiful to look at. Now let's see how to make a business card very easily.

creating businesscard in photoshop

Download and install Photoshop and open it. Download free trial photoshop

Create new file

First we need to create a new file. To create a new file in Photoshop, you will see a menu at the top left called File. Click on it. Select New from the option that appears. A window will appear for creating new file.

creating new file in photoshop

Normal business card size(w x h) -9.2 cm x 5.4 cm. put this measurement on appropriate box. The next thing we need to give the resolution. The normal resolution for print is that 300ppi(pixels/inch). Next we can go to the color mode. CMYK(cyan, magenta, yellow and key color) is used for print. Give it from that list. You can press ok. A new file will be open for the size we have given.

In short,
  • Size - 9.2 CM x 5.4 CM
  • Resolution - 300ppi (for print)
  • Color mode - CMYK

Create new Layer

Photoshop works on the base of the layers. Everything is done in individual layers. For example, text is a layer, image is another layer, shapes are another layer and so on. In photoshop we can create layer by using the shortcut control+Shift+N.

creating new layer in photoshop

A new layer will be appeared in the layer panel. Click ok.
We can put a background color for business card

Setting background color

For setting background color go to toolbox found in left side (if not there, then go to window menu click tool box). At the bottom of the toolbox, there are two color palettes. It is called foreground color and background color. Click on the palette (foreground color) in front of it. From there select the color we want. Then apply the color taken. Press the shortcut for that (alt+backspace).

Create text layer

Next, we want text for business card. For that press 't' on your keyboard. It will activate the text tool. Ok now click cursor on the area we want the text. First type the name. We want to apply the text for typing next text content on another layer. For apply the text press control + Enter. Type the next text layer and so on. If you want to change the color, size or font using the character panel (go to window -> Character panel).

Text styling using character panel

creating new layer in photoshop

  • Font -

    To set the text style.
  • Font size

    To set the font size.
  • Line Height

    To set the gap between two lines.
  • Kerning

    Set the kerning between two characters.
  • Tracking

    Set the space between characters.
  • Vertical Scale

    Used for characters scale Verticaly.
  • Horizontal Scale

    Used for characters scale horizontaly.
  • Baseline Shift

    User for shift the baseline to top or bottom.

If you want to change the position of the text layers using the move tool. Press v on the keyboard. It will activate the move tool. Click and drag the text layer, the area we want.

Upload images

If we need pictures on the business card, we can add that too. To add images, go to file menu and press place. Next select image we want and click ok.

Resizing images

Press Control + T to resize the image. Then it appears a bounding box around the image. Now you can drag it to any corner of the image. Never drag and drop on the side of the image. If so, there is a chance that the image will lose its clarity. You can use the Move tool to change the image and move it somewhere else.

Drawing shapes

Shapes can be drawn to make the business card a little more beautiful. You can use the shape tool in the toolbox to draw shapes. Short key of the shape tool is 'u'. Then the shape tool will be active. It has all the basic shapes we can draw. Left-click on the Shape tool in the toolbox to see all the shapes you can draw. Select the desired shape, come to the work area, click and drag. You can use the property window for adjusting the color of the shapes.

Export for print the business card

After designing, it can export for printing. Works can export in different formats like PDF, tiff, EPS or JPEG. But I prefer to export in PDF format. To export photoshop work into PDF

creating new layer in photoshop

Go to File -> Save as Give file name and select PDF format from save as type. Next window select high quality print from PDF preset and click save PDF.
Get more designing ideas checkout the video- illustrator video

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