What is the difference between web development and web design?

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Explain Major Difference between web Designer and Developer

    Before I talk about the difference between web designing and web development, let me tell you something. Most of the people have a mindset of learning a technology and build a career from that. Learning a good technology is like buying a job with a good salary. Ok now i will tell you it in a very simple way that will help.

A web designer is someone who designs the user's view of a web application or website. If you think creatively and know how to design, you can definitely become a web designer. A web developer is someone who manages all the functionality of a web application or website, which is an invisible aspect to the user.
Next we need to know what it takes to be a web designer or web developer. Once you have studied, let's see what its job prospects are. Let us first go into web designing.

web designing
What are the basic technologies that a web designer should know?
  • HTML
  • CSS
   These are just some of the goal setting shareware that a web designer should know. This is not a tough thing to do, but it's easy to learn. HTML is a markup language. HTML is the basis of any website, no matter how it large. CSS technology is used to make the website in html language more attractive. If you look at the old websites, they are all very static. CSS was brought in to overcome it. With the advent of css came more beautiful hands for websites. It's about giving the user experience more via responsive designs. The updations in this programming languages also leads to changes in web design trends. JavaScript is a programming language used on the client side. Web pages can be made more interactive with JavaScript.
For a web designer, designing the layouts first may be done using any graphic designing software.
The most commonly used softwares are listed below

  • Adobe XD
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

   After designing the overall pages, we will move on to coding. Here we convert the above design into website pages using HTML, CSS and javascript. We can use any advanced text editor for coding. If you are an expert in these languages, you can learn more about framework. Nowadays companies mostly use frame works. These are the most commonly used frame works on the front end designing.

  • Bootstrap
  • Angular.js
  • vue.js
  • svelte
  • jquery
  • react
You can do web design faster by using frameworks.

web development
   Now when it comes to web development, we can create dynamic websites. An example of dynamic functionality is website login, api integration, data collection etc. Here's a little bit of coding compared to web development in terms of web designing. This is the code that is executed on the server side. The interaction between the front end and the back end is possible through the backend languages. The main languages that are used in web development.

  • Php
  • Python
  • C++
  • Node js
  • Ruby
Php and python are the most used languages today. Node .js is a language that is becoming popular.

Frameworks used in web development.

  • Laraval
  • Codigniter
  • DJango
  • Rails
  • Express

Comparison between web design and web development

Web Designing Web Development
Coding Low level coding High level coding
Software knowledge Html, css , javascript, knowledge in graphic design software is add-on Php, python, c++, node js, Ruby
User experience Get through web browsers Interaction through different functionalities via front end design
use Creating static web pages Creating dynamic web pages and web applications
Salary level Starting 15k – 20k 23k-
Frame works currently used bootstrap , angular.js, vue.js, svelte, jquery, react Laraval, codigniter, DJango, Rails, Express
Creative level Need some creative ideas and skills No need for creative skills only need technical knowledge
Job opportunity yes yes
Roles Need to visualize how the site will look like . Design web layouts, visual design, Basic Graphical design. Developing responsive pages from scratch. Provide a good impression to the client. Create interaction with client and backend technologies using existing languages. Manage database to collect necessary information from client, manage routing, security and other functionalities

Web designing and development are two areas where there are a lot of job opportunities these days. If you have a base, you can easily learn all these from online medias without going any institutes. Choose and study any area according to your taste. Web development pays more than web designing and also you can do a lot of freelance works. I hope you have understood the difference between the two through this writing.

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